Why Choose Us?

We care, as much as  you do. We pride ourselves on making your day special in every way, so if you want to avoid the Jitters ask us to put together a package that includes everything, we PLAN we STYLE we CO-ORDINATE, and we'll be there on the day to make sure it all goes exactly as you planned.. 


However some couples really want to get involved and do some things themselves. We are unique in that we offer you options we can do it all or just a little, and we will still be there to make sure it happens as you want.   

WE PLAN - No matter which package you choose we will always start with an extensive planning appointment.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and really want to help. We will show you options, and can recommend solutions and best options and we will be there every step of the way to make the planning process easier and stress free

WE STYLE - Most stylists have their own style, and a lot of weddings look the same.  We are not like that, Just as no two people are the same, you deserve something unique and reflective of who you are as a couple.  We will work with you, its about 'Your Story' and how we can entwine all those special qualities and your love for each other, your passion and your own style into the day, so when your guests walk in they beam with "Oh it's so them" We are about making your wedding really yours and something you will remember always with Love and Affection

WE CO-ORDINATE - In the planning process we will pass on all industry discounts, saving money and with out knowledge, experience and contacts, we take the risk out of planning your wedding, so you don't waste money on bad suppliers.

The day of the wedding we are yours, from dawn to midnight.  We are there to set up in the morning, throughout the ceremony and for the WHOLE night.  It is our job to make sure there is no stress, and that everything happens as it should.  You don't have to worry a second because we are there and on your side, making sure everything is as you want it, making sure the candles have been lit, the Cake is sitting correctly, and fixing those last minute things that can go wrong.

We are here for the Brides and Grooms who want to enjoy their wedding day, and the planning process, without stress and risks. 

We believe it is you, and your concept that matters.

We have created many weddings for couples who live locally, but also cater from those from interstate and overseas who  have chosen a destination and would like to arrive and enjoy their day.  Regardless of where you are from, if you want your wedding day to be a wonderful celebration where everyone, including you enjoy every minute, then give us a call, or send us an email.